How to choose a changing bag

There are a million things to consider when you are pregnant and start your search for a changing bag. We've put together these four key points to help get you started.

You might be surprised to hear that changing bags are the third most important purchase for pregnant women after a buggy and a car seat. I am not surprised. Handbags are hugely important for women and, for some, is a statement about who they are. You should not have to compromise on your handbag just because you are starting a family.


Think about the bags you have had in the past. Do you generally buy designer brands that you invest in and keep for years, or do you prefer high street bags that you change more often?

If you prefer to invest in a quality handbag then there are several leather brands on the market now. But if you are looking for a stylish leather bag then check out our range.

Leather is usually wipe-able like non leather so no need to worry about food stains.

For non-leather bags there are many options on the market including polyurethane, coated canvas and nylon.

Price is often but not always affected by the material- many catwalk Designers retail Nylon changing bags for up to £1000.


Some new mothers like to have everything in the right place. There are changing bags available with compartments for everything you could possibly need including food zip compartments. There are also bags with entire removable compartments.

I have seen other parents refusing to use a changing bag and searching at the bottom of their designer bag looking for the baby wipes.

Personally I am somewhere in the middle. Wipe clean changing mat, bottle holder and multiple pockets are essential but equally I don't want to be searching through every compartment for the keys.


It is important to consider what buggy you have and how you will use the bag in day to day life. Some changing bags do not come with buggy straps as standard so always check they are included.

If you are returning to work then you make want a bag that can quickly and easily convert such as our Harriet tote ( By removing the changing mat and bottle holder you can easily zip the bag up and go. No need to switch your purse, keys, travel card, lip gloss, nail file.......need I go on? 


This is a very personal choice but I would suggest you stick with what you love, whatever that may be. Just because you are having a child does not mean that you need to change the way you dress. It will bring a little fun on those exhausted days when all you can find to wear are your dirty jeans and an old hoodie.

 Buying your first changing bag is a big decision but one that you should enjoy. Packing it with your newborns onesie and muslins will be a joyous moment so why not make it extra special with a bag you love?