5 Ideas for a special Mother's Day

This is only my second Mother's day so I am still getting to grips with what it means to be the mother rather than the daughter!

What I have learnt is how important it is to say thank you for everything that our mothers have given us. Only once you have your own children do you realise the constant patience and love required to raise them. The boredom as you read that bedtime story for the 100th time and trying to find the energy to pretend drink that cup of tea again!

Last year my mothers day gift (from my husband) was coffee in bed and no nappy changing for a whole day!!! This may seam like a minor thing but to me it meant a lot. It was acknowledgement of the lack of time you get with a baby to do anything for yourself.

Here are a couple of suggestions for things you can do or buy for your mum or partner on Mother's Day that should make her smile:


It is very rare that parents find the time and energy to frame a family photo- especially one taken in the last year! Nothing gives me more pleasure as a mum than seeing a photo of my little one.


This is a lovely little book called Dear Mum in which your mum can note down all her memories. One day you will treasure this more than anything...


Spending time together is such a wonderful gift and doing it at a spa makes it even more special. If this is a gift for a new mum then some time alone to be pampered will be incredibly precious. You can't go wrong with this one. Why not try Lucknam Park near Bath for something a bit special...


Why not find a nice local hotel and treat her to afternoon tea. Nothing is better than peace and quiet, tea and lots of cake. Why not try something a little different like the Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson. The red velvet ladybird cake and pocket watch macaroons are almost too pretty to eat!


Every woman loves a handbag. It is something special just for her. For new mums why not look at our luxury leather changing bags that are versatile enough to work in every situation- work, home and on a night out.


Whatever you choose to do for your mum on Mother's Day make sure she knows you love her!